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The Ranch

The Ranch

The original homestead was bought in 1942 by Joe and Ceil Habets.  The ranch was primarily farmground with a small emphasis on cattle. In 1973 Ernie and Shirley purchased the place from Joe and Ceil.  The emphasis shifted from farming to cattle and hay production.  The place was almost completely put into hay production in 2005 with very little acreage put into cereal grains.

In 2000 the first semi was purchased in order to move the ranch’s commodities more efficiently, mainly being hay.  Throughout the next few years there was a demand for hay-hauling and the second truck was purchased. 

The Ranch

In 2004, developing a small business on the side, the first manure truck was purchased, and was successful for several years.  Due to events in 2008 the business was sold. Demand and support from the local community led to the purchase of a manure truck this year.

Currently the ranch has diversified into many things as well as many different businesses.  Ernie and Shirley’s son Jeff has started Tumbleweed Sales that is a dealer of Krogmann BaleHandlers and Dennis Jones Twine Company.

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