Tumbleweed Ranch, Conrad MT


Welcome to Tumbleweed Ranch


Tumbleweed Ranch is a 3rd generation family farm and ranch. We are located just south of Montana’s Hi-Line, between Conrad and Shelby. We raise top quality Angus-cross cattle and produce a tremendous hay crop each year.


Hay Production and Sales

Hay & Straw Sales

We raise top quality Alfalfa and Alfalfa grass mix, baled in large rounds with netwrap.

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Cattle Production

Livestock Production

We have built a powerful herd of Angus mother cows, with a touch of Hereford influence.

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Services - Hay Hauling and Custom Baling


We offer custom baling services as well as hay hauling.

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About Us

Tumbleweed Ranch is:

- Jeff & Lindsey Habets, and son Hayden

- Ernie & Shirley Habets (Jeff’s parents)

The critters:

- Indy (Red Heeler, the Queen Bee, all guests must check in with Indy first.)

- Dutch (Heeler, “the Quiet One”, takes her job very seriously, Whistle Blower/Alert Giver – should anything be out of the ordinary or vehicle on the road, we will know. May nip at UPS man.)

- Dalton (Heeler/House Dog, Head Taste-Tester and Scrap-Eater, 80 pound lap dog, Greets/Smiles with all teeth.)

- A bunch of bossy fat cats that trophy hunt for sport



  • The Feeding Crew 2018
  • Jeff and Lindsey Habets
  • The Grain Haulers
  • Jeff, Lindsey and Hayden Habets
  • Jeff and Lindsey, Ernie and Shirley - Spring 2016
  • 3 Generations
  • Hayden the Cattleman
  • Ernie loading hay
  • Ernie and Shirley Habets
  • Haying Season
  • Haying Season
  • Lindsey and Hayden working the alley
  • Jeff running the hydraulic chute
  • Harvest Crew 2017
  • The best gate man around!
  • Feeding NutraLix Liquid Feed
  • The Help
  • Making hay!
  • The Yard
  • Ernie and Shirley
  • Jeff and Indy
  • A view of the ranch, from the hay field
  • Get those cattle trucks loaded! :)
  • Help in the Shop
  • Hauling cows to Summer Pasture
  • Making Hay!
  • Loves to ride in the tractor
  • Jeff, Lindsey and Hayden
  • Loading hay
  • Shipping Calves with Grandpa
  • Hayden was born on Grandma and Grandpa's 50th Wedding Anniversary


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