Tumbleweed Ranch, Conrad MT


Welcome to Tumbleweed Ranch


Tumbleweed Ranch is a 3rd generation family farm and ranch. We are located just south of Montana’s Hi-Line, between Conrad and Shelby. We raise top quality Angus-cross cattle and produce a tremendous hay crop each year.


Hay Production and Sales

Hay & Straw Sales

We raise top quality Alfalfa and Alfalfa grass mix, baled in large rounds with netwrap.

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Cattle Production

Livestock Production

We have built a powerful herd of Angus mother cows, with a touch of Hereford influence.

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Services - Hay Hauling and Custom Baling


We offer custom baling services as well as hay hauling.

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About Us

Tumbleweed Ranch is:

- Jeff & Lindsey Habets, son Hayden and daughter Hadley

- Ernie & Shirley Habets (Jeff’s parents)

The critters:

- Indy (Red Heeler, the Queen Bee, all guests must check in with Indy first.)

- Dutch (Heeler, “the Quiet One”, takes her job very seriously, Whistle Blower/Alert Giver – should anything be out of the ordinary or vehicle on the road, we will know. May nip at UPS man.)

- Dalton (Heeler/House Dog, Head Taste-Tester and Scrap-Eater, 80 pound lap dog, Greets/Smiles with all teeth.)

- A bunch of bossy fat cats that trophy hunt for sport



Hay & Straw Production

A good percentage of our hay crop is forward contracted each year with long-time valued customers. We do still usually have a large amount of hay for sale though.

We raise alfalfa and alfalfa grass mix. We bale in large rounds and are firm believers in allowing our hay to dry down completely. We bale on the dew because we feel that this minimizes spoilage and ensures leaf retention.

We have a conventional combine, which ensures we are able to produce quality barley straw. This also is baled in large round bales. 

Feel free to contact us at any time about your hay or straw needs.

See what's available: Hay for Sale




  • The Feeding Crew 2018
  • Jeff and Lindsey Habets
  • The Grain Haulers
  • Jeff, Lindsey and Hayden Habets
  • Jeff and Lindsey, Ernie and Shirley - Spring 2016
  • 3 Generations
  • Hayden the Cattleman
  • Ernie loading hay
  • Ernie and Shirley Habets
  • Haying Season
  • Haying Season
  • Lindsey and Hayden working the alley
  • Jeff running the hydraulic chute
  • Harvest Crew 2017
  • The best gate man around!
  • Feeding NutraLix Liquid Feed
  • The Help
  • Making hay!
  • The Yard
  • Ernie and Shirley
  • Jeff and Indy
  • A view of the ranch, from the hay field
  • Get those cattle trucks loaded! :)
  • Help in the Shop
  • Hauling cows to Summer Pasture
  • Making Hay!
  • Loves to ride in the tractor
  • Jeff, Lindsey and Hayden
  • Loading hay
  • Shipping Calves with Grandpa
  • Hayden was born on Grandma and Grandpa's 50th Wedding Anniversary


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