Tumbleweed Ranch, Conrad MT


Livestock Production


A great cattle herd is not made overnight. It is built over time, utilizing good genetics, handpicked quality, and consistent sustainable practices.

What you put into your cattle is what you get out of them. We have heavily invested in our cow herd, and it shows. The bulls we purchase each year are top notch. We recognize the value of introducing new bloodlines, with the intent of adding high quality genetics to the solid foundation of our herd.


Livestock Production at Tumbleweed Ranch


We breed for muscle, structure, docility, growth, and performance. The calves weaning off in the fall are getting better and better each year.

Our mother cows are primarily Black Angus, with a touch of Hereford influence.

While we don't do it each and every year, we have used synchronized AI programs for heifer breeding in the past, with good results.  It's a way for us to introduce those well-sought-after superior sires into our genetics, while not having to put up the money to own the bull.

We buy our bulls from excellent local breeders as well as a few others within the state. We have used a few Hereford bulls over the years, to craft hybrid-vigor in a portion of the offspring. We have been very pleased with this cross for the past several years.


Livestock Production at Tumbleweed Ranch


We invest our time into keeping accurate and widespread records of all cows and calves by use of Electronic ID tags and Cattle Record Management software. While our cows are commercial bred, some may say that we are wasting time in keeping such accurate, detailed records. This just isn't so. These techniques are already paying off. Big time. We are now able to look at a cow standing out in the pasture, call her ID up on a mobile device, and then RING RING! (Just kidding!) Ha, all jokes aside, we are able to look at her detailed description and information, view her offspring, how many of her heifer calves were retained as replacements, what kind of health history she has had, which bulls she was exposed to at breeding time, notes about temperament at calving, etc. 


Livestock Production at Tumbleweed Ranch


"It costs the same amount of money to feed a good cow, as it does to feed a bad cow." It doesn't get much simpler than that. We cull hard. We keep the best, while sending the rest down the line. Which, by now, as you can imagine – some of those going down the line aren't necessarily "bad" cows. We do hold high standards though, and keep that bar high.


Livestock Production at Tumbleweed Ranch


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