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Krogmann Balehandlers

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Krogmann Balehandlers

Why? Because they are the best.

Jeff, aka Tumbleweed Sales, has been a Krogmann dealer since 2008. Krogmann MFG is a family owned company out of Sabetha, Kansas. Krogmann BaleHandlers have served our ranch well for the past few years of being very maintenance and problem free.

The difference between a Krogmann bed and the competition - Better warranty 3 years (on all welds), as well as a better design system for unrolling the bales as the spinners are offset to allow for better unrolling of the bale. Also, all standard beds come with extendable arms which enables you to handle larger bales or set bales in feeders. The arms are set above the bed to prevent the bed from becoming damaged in every-day use. This also forms a siderail that prevents things from falling off the side.

If interested in having a Krogmann BaleHandler installed, we'd be happy to visit with you!

Krogmann Balebeds


Lifting Capacity: 2500 lbs.

Pump: Engine Driven or All-Electric

Lift Cylinders: One 4 ft x 20 in

Fully Synchronized Squeeze Cylinders: Enclosed in the rear tube of the bed, with easy access

Recessed Gooseneck Ball: 30,000 lb. ball

Electric Solenoid Valve: Toggle Switch Controls

Hinged Arms: Close to 3 ft, Open to 7 ft

Spinners: Manually extend up to 16 in, Removable

Construction: 1/8 in Deck Plate, 5 in Channel Iron Main Frame, 3 in Channel Iron Cross Members, 5 x 5 x 3/8 inch stuctural tubing

Toolboxes: 12 gauge Steel, Stainless steel latch and hinges, gas shock

Warranty: 3 Years

Krogmann Carry-All

Krogmann Carry-All

- Sizes to fit most bale beds

- Constructed of heavy-duty steel with undercarriage support

- Easily load and unload by setting the Carry-All on the ground

- Cradle and carry your 4-wheeler, mower, etc.

- Use to haul rock, sand, dirt, firewood, posts or brush

- Easily dump by changing to the dump position from the controls in your cab

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